Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach complete beginners?

Absolutely, I have taught many beginner guitar students over the years. You can rest assured that you won't be a beginner long here at Guitar Lessons Leicester - we will have you playing a few of your favorite songs in no time. I also teach guitarist right up to advanced levels and beyond - as a former professional musician I have plenty to pass on to all ages & abilities.

Do you teach children?

Yes! I teach young people from aged 9 upwards (under 9 is a little young!) in exciting half-hour lessons each week. Parents are more than welcome to sit in during our lessons and are encouraged to get involved in helping their child learn guitar. I have an enhanced DBS certificate (previously CRB Check) for your peace of mind.

Do you teach grades?

Yes, I can teach you the RGT or Trinity syllabus and would be happy to support you through these grades if you are interested. Drop me an email about it and we can talk further about taking guitar exams.

Where are you based? 

I teach all of my students from a dedicated teaching space at my home located on in the LE2 area of Leicester, just off the A6 and not far from Leicester Racecourse. It is a fantastic studio environment for you to learn in, with all the equipment that we need for our guitar lessons (see image above)

For more information simply get in touch - my full teaching address will be provided upon booking your first lesson.

Do you offer online guitar lessons?

Yes, I now also offer online guitar lessons via Zoom - this is a great way to learn to play the guitar from the comfort of your own home. Please get in touch for more information.

Can I learn Electric AND Acoustic guitar?

Of course, you can take your lessons in electric or acoustic, the choice is yours!

Do I need to own a guitar before I start my first lesson?

Not at all, I have guitars here that you are more than welcome to use. I would be happy to advise on which guitar might be a good first guitar for you to start using. You can also find out more information about local music shops in Leicester here.

Do I have to read music?

Not at all, luckily for guitar we use 'guitar tab' which is really simple to understand. No need to know all the notes on the stave before starting your guitar lessons, and thankfully guitar tab can be explained in about 2 minutes.

How many lessons does it take before I’ll be able to play?

This question is the hardest one to answer. You’ll be playing a piece, albeit a simple piece, after your first lesson. Different students learn at different speeds and certain styles are easier to master than others. To play a song that you love I would say 10 lessons will get you most of the way there no matter what style!

How often should I have lessons?

In an ideal world, beginners would have lessons on a weekly basis. However, weekly lessons are quite an expense over a month and people who work full time and/or have families can find it hard to find enough time to practice between weekly lessons. For this reason, we offer weekly or fortnightly lessons and you should bear in mind these factors before deciding what is right for you. Established players can still benefit from weekly lessons but may also want to consider fortnightly or even occasional lessons. We can talk you through the options.

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