Guitar Shops in Leicester

Guitar Shops in Leicester

Leicester has some great guitar shops offering you almost everything you will ever need as a guitarist! Here at Guitar Lessons Leicester we are often asked by our students which guitar stores they should check out, to help them along we have compiled a list of what we consider to be Leicester's top guitar shops! Whether you are buying your first guitar or a vintage Gibson you can rest assured that these stores will cater for you needs! In no order...

Music Junkie is a new guitar superstore that has recently opened in Leicester with a flagship store stocking some of the best guitar equipment available! With Gibson, Epiphone, PRS, Line6, Marshall and Vox products adoring the store Music Junkie is worth dropping into if you are in town! Located at Unit 1 Metropolitan Apartments, 20 Lee Circle, LE1 3RF Music Junkie offers a huge range of equipment to any guitarist, with fantastic staff and a great store I am sure they will be around for a long time!

Intrasound Music is literally bursting with guitar equipment stocking Gibsons, Fenders, Tanglewood, Vintage, PRS and many more makes! The business established over 30 years ago is another one of Leicester's top music stores, locatated at 70 Narborough Road LE3 0BR. With excellent customer service and a fantastic choice of products suitable for all budgets it is well worth checking out Intrasound Music, especially if you are looking for more obscure pieces of guitar equipment as their website stocks numerous products that cannot be found in store! Check them out!

Rock Guitar Store, Loughborough is the best guitar shop to the north of Leicester packed out with a huge array of guitars and guitar equipment. The staff are also excellent, with a detailed knowledge of all things guitar and happy to assit if needed. Stocking Fender, PRS, Squire and Vintage guitars the store boasts a range that will satisfy the taste of most guitarists, with Rock Guitar Store certainly being able to furfil your day to day needs as a guitarist! 

Sheehans is a truly fantastic guitar stop located at 58a London Road,  LE2 0QD packed with loads of guitars and guitar equipment! Their friendly staff will be more than happy to assit you, with the shop stocking guitar equipment for all sizes of budget. Steeped in history Sheehan's boasts a diverse range of instruments, as well as guitars, that can more than supply you will all the everyday needs of a guitarist! They also have a repair workshop that can hopefully fix any problems you have had with your guitar and having been founded way back in 1984 to repair musical instruments you can rest assured that this service is excellent. Founder Noel Sheehan has created one of the best guitar stores in the country over the last 25+ years - one you should certainly go and check out!

There is also a great article about good local guitar stores in Leicester on the Guitar Lessons Leicester page of the national music teacher database. You can also read articles on Music Venues in Leicester, local recording and rehearsal studios and famous bands from Leicester on this website.

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