Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Here at Guitar Lessons Leicester we love to hear one our guitar students has entered the recording studios for the first time! We really encourage our students to form bands and write their own music! It is no easy task, even finding somewhere to practise can be a challenge. To help you out all out we have made a short list of what we consider are Leicester's top recording and rehearsal studios, selected especially with young up and coming local bands looking to record their first EP in mind! So in no order...

Deadline Studios is a compact studio located at 693 Aylestone Road, LE2 8TG that is perfect for local bands recording their debute EP. The live room, able to do full band takes is complemented with a small vocal booth with state of the art equipment through out the facility. Ran by sound engineer Adam Ellis, know locally for having a fantastic ear at recording bands, Deadline Studios can be used for £325 for a two day midweek recording project, or £450 for a 3 day midweek project with 50 free CDs! Ideal for an up and coming band looking to record their first CD! Check them out!

Quad Studios located at 78 Friday Street, LE1 3BW is Leicester's top rehearsal facility, with eight beautifully furnished rehearsal spaces catering for all types of bands. With a fantastic hourly rent rate Quad Studios specially customize the rooms equipment to suit your bands style, jazz drum kits for jazz bands for instance! There recording factility is well worth checking out too, with three full time studio technicians and state of the art recording equipment - perfect for recording your first EP or full album! The are also able to record your rehearsal sessions onto a CD if asked, great news if you need to hear how you sound before a gig! A truely first class recording in rehearsal studio in Leicester - so check it out!

Roasted Studios loctated at Unit 1 Baker Street, LE67 4GA, is a fantastic recording and rehearsal studio ideal for recording your first EP as a young local band! Their two rehearsal rooms, rentable for £9 & £10 respectively with drum kit, blackline and PA included as standard! Roasted Studios also have a resident practise room, rentable for £140 per month - great value when split between 5 band members! EP recording packages can bought for just £350, with two recording days & mixing and also a 10% discount for students! Great news! An 8 hour recording day can be rented for £180 per day, an excellent price for the state of the art recording equipment the facility has to offer along with an experienced sound engineer! Take a look at Roasted Studios' website to find out more!

Yellow Bean Studios is a massive 4,000 square feet recording and rehearsal studio located at 376 Western Road, LE3 0ED. With fantastic reviews from musicans, as well as photographers - they do photo shoots at the studio too if you are interested in album covers etc -Yellow Bean Studios are certainly one of the up and coming recording facilities Leicester has to offer! With reasonable hourly rehearsal and recording rent, as well as their state of the art recording equipment the studio is ideal for local bands. The large relaxed environment is also fantastic for writing music within, well worth checking out!

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